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A gathering

My former project manager, Smiley, hosted a gathering of mostly current and former employees of my company. Sparky, Red, Phoenix, Kabob and Harley were there — Sparky, Phoenix and Kabob being current along with myself; Red, Smiley and Harley being the ex-employees.

The conversations that were had are not mine to detail — what happens at Smiley’s stays at Smiley’s. But for me, the content of the conversations, including my personal detailing of some of the reasons for my departure and my very candid advice to my team going forward, was part of my process of letting go.

One thing I do when I find a place I like to work is bond with people. And where I work now is no exception. And it’s hard to let go. But this gathering (which was coincidental to my departure) was a good opportunity for me to take a step down that process.

I wonder what the new company will bring me — if I’ll find the people I can bond with, if I find something there worth bonding to.

T minus eight days until I can start finding out.

Well, not counting Tuesday, when I take the day off from Old Job and head to New Job orientation.

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